Prayer Ministry

Prayer changes lives!

Do you have a real need and not know where to go, or who to go to?

God does not want you to be burdened, bowed down or feel bound.

We have a Prayer Ministry team who are willing to listen, share with you and pray with and for you.
Prayer is available on a Sunday morning following the service. Make your way to the front of the church when the service ends and at some of our team will be there to pray for you.
Following the evening service, prayer is also available and we have a team of young Adults who are keen to pray with you.
Prayer is always confidential, so you can safely share what is on your heart.

Our Prayer team are also available to pray one on one, outside Sunday services, usually in our Prayer Room which is reached through the front door of the building, facing the road, under the LIFE CARE sign. Our team are also happy to pray through and cleanse houses and/or land on request.
It is exciting to see what God does when we give Him access to our hearts.

Lives are changed. Relationships healed.
Physical healings – Someone who hadn’t worked for two years because of a physical problem, went back to work, two days after prayer.
Emotional healings – The sense of relief needs to be experienced.
Houses feel warmer and more comfortable
Children sleep without nightmares


For more information, please contact the church office