Baptism is an amazing privilege as a follower of Jesus. It is an outward sign of an inward commitment. It is also a spiritual transaction between you and God – it is a once in a life time very special deal.

Yet the only requirement to being baptised is that you have become a follower of Jesus! You can do this by believing in Him and by repenting (that is, turning away from your old life and turning towards the new life Jesus has for you).

You might want to learn a bit more about baptism…so we have prepared a booklet to help you understand baptism a bit more. There is also a couple of pages about preparing your “testimony”. A “testimony” is just you being able to tell others about the change that has taken place in your life. It’s your story – it is what you want to tell others about.

Download the booklet and contact the church staff – we would love to encourage you in this important step of obedience!

Get the Baptism Booklet here.