Real People. Real Life!

We are a multi-cultural, multi-generational church in the heart of Manukau City – maybe a church for someone just like you!
If you have never been to church in your life before, we hope you feel welcome! If you have been going to church since you were a kid, we hope that you will feel equally welcome! We want you to meet people who are “Real”. Real about life’s ups and downs. But also “Real” about the amazing life that is offered to us!
On this web site you will find info about us and various downloads – but it will always be about people around here, so pop in or give us a call or an email.
In the church, we hope you find a place for you! We hope you will find good friendships and a greater understanding of God’s care, respect and purpose for you!
So check us out here on the web and we will see you at our place sometime soon!